Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: HOW  MUCH  does it  COST  ?

A:  Everything, including FIRST CLASS postage, is included for a flat fee of $10.00 per mailing address.  You can reduce the cost to $9.25 per mailing address if you choose to only include ONE educational brochure instead of two. We do NOT believe in the census based progressive pricing structures used by many others in our industry.

Q: What materials get mailed to parishioners?
A:   All of the following . . .
Q: Do we have to use our church postage meter/permit for the letters?
A:   No!  We affix a first-class stamp to each of the letters.
Q: We have a proposal from another company at the same price as yours.
     Why should we choose you?

A:  You need to confirm that their price really is the same.  Here are just a few things to consider when trying to make that determination . . .

  1. Are they printing your letters in FULL-COLOR on color laser printers?
  2. Are they printing parishioners' addresses directly onto your envelopes? (no adhesive labels or window envelopes)
  3. Do they print a FULL-COLOR logo on your envelopes?
  4. Are they providing First-Class Postage?
  5. (These first four details all have a large effect on whether the envelope and letter get opened and read or just filed in the round file! You may want to do a Google search on "Mail Openability Study".)
  6. Are they providing you with two(2) educational pieces?
  7. Are the educational pieces at least 3-color prints?   (Many are just blue title, black text.)
  8. How refined, thus how effective is their program?
    How much donor behavior psychology is incorporated into the structure of their program?
  9. Do they include a 3-color Electronic Church Giving application in their campaign?
  10. Are they conducting your campaign at NO-RISK to you by providing Money Back Insurance in writing?
  11. Are they offering you the flexibility of modifying their standard program to handle your unique situation?
  12. Are they printing on the heavier 24 lb paper products?
  13. Will one of the proprietors of the company personally handle every detail of your campaign at the
    company offices, or will you be relegated to working with a local or regional SALES person who is working on a commission basis and does NOT have an ownership interest in the company?
  14. Are they providing you with a toll-free phone number that rings directly to the desk of one of the company proprietors?  Mr. Reagan's direct toll-free number is at the top of every page of this website and if you become a client of Stewardship Solutions you also receive the number to his cellphone which he carries 24/7.
As you can see, there are many factors to be taken into consideration when trying to determine if someone's
price really is the same!  You have to look at quality of materials, level of service, commitment, accessability, etc.
Q: Why only four(4) letters, others are offering five(5)?

A: We have learned over the years that there will be very few responses to a 5th and especially a 6th, 7th or 8th) letter.  Those that you do receive will not be what you were expecting.  Some will contain hand written cost-saving suggestions to you.  Some will ask to be removed from any further mailings in hopes of saving the church the cost of additional postage.  Others will inform you of their inability to increase their stewardship due to physical impairments, fixed retirement income, illness, lack of transportation, required medications, education expenses for children who are in college or unexpected costs of supporting children who have moved back home after college, etc.  And, unfortunately, some will inform you of their dissappointment in what they perceive as an overly aggresive fundraising effort.  We have learned that four(4) letters is optimal.

Q: We have used other companies in the past and one of our parish office staff was tied up for
     weeks handling everything here in the office.  Is your program going to require one of our staff
     to be involved during the whole appeal?
A:  No! We only need three things from the parish office staff.
  1. We need a file similar to your nightly computer backup.  This gives us the names and addresses for the
  2. We need someone to take the boxes of stamped letters (that we FedEx to you) and drop them off at your local post office.
  3. We need your Monday morning counters to keep the special response envelopes in a separate pile on Monday mornings and mail, fax or email them to us after they have removed the offerings.

That's it!

Q: How will we know if our campaign is progressing successfully or not if you are doing the
     record-keeping at your offices?
A:  We analyze the data that your counters send to us on Monday mornings and email you a Progress Report biweekly detailing how many have responded and, based on their previous donation amounts, what increase you are realilzing as a result of the campaign.  Also, nine times out of ten the counters keep their own running tally of what they have sent to us!
Q: Our community has been stricken lately by:
         illness . . .
         layoffs . . .
         foreclosures . . .
         plant closings . . .
         retirement fund losses . . .
         the Great Recession . . .
         damaging weather conditions . . .
         parish expense issues . . .
     Can our campaign be successful in light of our current situation?
A: "Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome." Samuel Johnson

Philippians 2:15 :
". . . that ye may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine like stars in the world."

Review some of our reference letters of campaigns that we've conducted during "The Great Recession".  Your spirit will be uplifted by the generosity of Christians.