Stewardship Solutions was founded by Robert Reagan in 2001.  Mr. Reagan received his Applied Business in Data Processing degree from the University of Toledo and spent 21 years in the Computer Technologies profession which culminated with 8 years of service in the health care industry at Mercy and St. Charles Hospitals in Toledo and Oregon, Ohio.

While working in Catholic hospital environments was very gratifying, upon relocating to Florida, Mr. Reagan decided to apply his technical and managerial skills towards creating his all-encompassing stewardship campaign service which he continually re-evaluates, refines and enhances each year.

Today, churches are able to make one phone call and affordably outsource their entire stewardship effort to Stewardship Solutions without the need of any volunteers or committees.

Over the years Mr. Reagan has authored several stewardship educational brochures used in parishes across the country. Among them are 'The Stewardship Way of Life', 'How Can I Be a Good Steward', 'Annual Stewardship Renewal Planning Guide' and 'Supporter, Sustainer, Visionary, Full Tithe... What Kind of STEWARD are YOU?' He also has authored countless campaign letters and other campaign related publications and designed and created the pages of this website. He has endeavored to provide straight forward information on his website including pricing and pictures of the actual campaign materials which can NOT be found on ANY other provider's website in this industry.

Mr. Reagan met his lovely wife Caliope while they were both attending the University of Toledo and they married in 1983.  Mrs. Reagan is actively involved in managing staff scheduling, job assignments, inventory, purchasing and payables in completing the stewardship campaigns.

The Reagans have two beautiful daughters, Elizabeth and Sophia.  In 2013 Elizabeth graduated from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She double majored in Neuroscience and Psychology. She will be receiving her MD in May of 2017 in New York.  Sophia is a 2013 graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  She is now attending her fourth year at University of Florida in Gainesville. Sophia is majoring in Health Education and Behavior while persuing a career as a Physician's Assistant.

The family has ventured to Greece four times since 1992 to visit Caliope's parents in Athens and the rest of her family who are spread throughout the Greek Isles. They have enjoyed visiting ancient ruins, museums and monasteries in Athens and on the islands of Rhodes, Santarini, Parga, Corfu and Crete.

Mission Statement

To be THE BEST SOLUTION to churches for conducting their stewardship campaigns by . . .

1) Minimizing the effort and involvement of pastors and parish office staff.  Easy

2) Keeping fees affordable to all churches, large and small, who need assistance in helping their parishioners to gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for what increased stewardship of their church can mean in their personal lives and the lives of their parishes.   Affordable

3) Providing FULL-COLOR products that:
  1. Seize parishioners’ attention while engrossing and educating them in the tenets of stewardship.
  2. motivate the greatest percentage to actually read the information, therefore understand the message and finally, act upon it.   Effective
  3. emanate a vibrant, modern and professional parish community